Increase your knowledge to make the right decisions

Powerful & customisable platform

Work to improve your future

  • Saving time through automated intelligent processe
  • Visual language for a better user guidance
  • Real time messaging for internal communication
  • Easily navigate through citation
  • Improve the quality of your competitive landscape
  • Identify white spots and find the breakthrough technology

Efficient & easy-to-use features

Generate searches to monitor technology, players, citations & legal status.

Set automatism to categorised new Patents. Built your data knowlege base.

Bridge the gap between IP and R&D through instand communication.

Set an individual company and streamline workflow for your data processing.

Get alerted automaticaly by status changes.                                                      

Add easilly any kind of document per drag & drop and images to comments.

Perform your searches globaly.                                                             

Analyse effectively through interactive dashboads and graphs.

Be innovative, get supported having ideas by semantic.                                     

Customize your application.                                                                            

Help and videos are integrated.                                                  

Individual support is obviously as well as "support case escalation".

Our 3 steps approach

Your needs

  • Challenge accepted!
  • Undertanding, consulting
  • Personalised live demo
  • Final check

Pilot phase

  • Self try
  • Support and guidance
  • Opimisation & customisation
  • Free of charge!


  • Installation & data transfer
  • Acceptance
  • Workshop and final settings
  • Folow up!

Aroused interest!

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