"We are able to map and improve our patent information work processes with the competent support of infoApps"

Thomas Spernat
Head of IP Heraeus Holding GmbH

The Heraeus technology group, based in Hanau, is a leading family-owned portfolio company. Heraeus bundles a large number of businesses in the fields of environment, energy, electronics, health, mobility and industrial applications.   

employees in 40 countries

patent families with property rights worlwide

core user in infoPatent

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The Challenge

Global market
Due to Heraeus global markets, the best possible global coverage was more than impotant for us. 

R&D - Patent evaluation
Heraeus has been looking for a long time permitting to include different experts in the workflow for the evluation of foreing patents.

Earliest data
The challenge was the taking over of extesinve and important stocks of patent collections and assessments in various sources.

The Solution

High quality data
The high quality of global and especially asian data through high quality machine translations fulfil the needs of Heraeus.

Different experts are able to give a context sensitive evaluation for foreing patents in inituitive an easy manner.

Data migration
infoapps provided us an exellent support by transferinf our old data and maping our evaluations into the infoPatent system.