"We especially appreciate the fast reactions of infoapps support team concerning new ideas and features and their fast implementation in the application."

Bernd Fischer

Since 100 years Biedermann sets international medical engineering standards with its innovations and know-how. infoPatent supports the development and manufacturing of innovative implants and instruments for spinal and trauma surgery.   

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own patent grants p.a.

workload reduction for IP professionals

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The challenge

US market
Due to the importance of the US market, Biedermann needs a high security surveillance of patent filings.  

Global protection
The large amount of own IP needs to be protected from infringment through competitors.

Involvement of R&D
The challenge was to integrate R&D efficiently into the patent work.

The solution

High quality data
Biedermann requieres a close follow-up of the US market. The high quality of the provided global and especially US data, fulfil all our needs.

Global monitoring
With intelligent monitoring in one of the biggest patent databases worldwide Biedermann is able to protect their IP. And on the same hand only needs to look at a manageable amount of relevant hits.

By using the infoPatent assessment tool R&D people are able to give feedback on relevant patents as quickly as possible.