The Challenge

You will need to replace your existing in-house patent archive solution? Now you are looking for an alternative solution, which meets all your requirements for an in house patent information system and even more? And you want to easily migrate existing data into the system?  

The Solution

With infoPatent we got just the right solution to fulfill all your needs. infoPatent is a reliable and easy to run standard system that does not require any extraordinary hardware or software and is easy to install and update.

We are the most experienced provider of in house patent information systems on the market. Over 20 years of development and provision, and currently over 60.000 satisfied users worldwide speak for themselves. We are the true experts when it comes to providing an in house patent archive that runs without any problems, that is easy to use and meets all your security requirements.

The Replacement

We have already helped many customers to replace their former systems with infoPatent instead of moving to a cloud system.
There is no individual software development needed so that the standard system can be used immediately after installation. This process runs very easily due to our expertise and support. In most cases it has been not only a replacement but has led to further improvements like:

  • Better monitoring due to broader global data coverage
  • Easy to use global Boolean and semantic search in over 150 mio. patent documents
  • Better understanding due to more fulltext and machine translations
  • All original fulltext and machine translations are completely searchable
  • Easy to change and update search- and monitor-profiles
  • Time and cost saving due to intelligent monitoring and reduction of relevant hits
  • Direct and easy transfer of search results into the archive whether automatically or manually
  • All data in the archive are automatically updated (archive never becomes outdated)
  • Higher efficiency due to a streamlined workflow
  • Individually adjustable scope of functions
  • Easy access and higher acceptance of the application due to single-sign-on

…and there are a lot more of advantages that come with infoPatent.

If you like to learn more about the experience of other clients who moved to  infoPatent please click here or contact us. It would be our pleasure to get you in touch with our customers who have already replaced their former in-house system with infoPatent so they can tell you about their positive experience.

If you choose to replace your existing system with infoPatent we will provide you with all the services you need to make sure, that there is no additional work for your IP or IT:


Migrate existing information to infoPatent

Customer patent data, which can be sourced in various filing structures (like Excel, Domino or other databases) can be transferred to infoPatent. 
The transfer includes user comments, key words and other personalized information, possibly attached to the data records.


Migration of search- and monitor-profiles 

No matter which research tool the customer has used so far all profiles can be migrated to infoPatent. Our Search Experts support the transfer of your profiles to the infoPatent syntax and always try to optimize them. So you can be sure to receive just the search and monitoring results you are looking for.


Easy Installation no special HW or SW requirements

infoPatent is a completely web-based solution that is easy to run and update. No special hardware or software is required. If you decide to install infoPatent as an in-house patent information system on your server the infoapps support team is looking forward to assist you with installing and updating the application. 

If you need to change your in-house system now, infoPatent is the perfect solution for you. The delivery time for an average project is 4-6 weeks including migration and training. There is no extra development needed so you can start immediately using the application.

Do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts look forward to answer all your questions.