The Challenge:

You are looking for a reliable and easy to run system that does not require any extraordinary hardware or software and is easy to install and update. You want to easily migrate already existing data into the system.


The Solution:

infoPatent is a completely web-based solution that is easy to run and update. There is no special hardware or software required. If you decide to install infoPatent as an in-house patent information system on your server the infoapps support team is looking forward to assist you with installing and updating the application. And we also give strong support in migrating already existing data.
If you choose to run infoPatent as an external hosted system, you will have no IT effort at all. Of course we guarantee the security of your data if the application is hosted by us.   

infoPatent for File and Case Management

With infoPatent, one can organize the management and administration of company-internal patent documents (e.g. applications, office correspondence) and also non-patent-literature (e.g. invention disclosures) in a perfect way.

Any text file (inventions, applications, patents, …) can be made core of a new case:

  •  Bibliographical data (dates, names, ...) can be added
  • Text can be enhanced by

    • user comments and assessments, free texts
    • translations
    • diagrams

  • Process documents can be attached

    •  office correspondence
    • oppositions
    • contracts, licensing agreements

  • Individual numbering scheme (case number) can be assigned

    • with possible overlay of official numbering

      • keeping track of subsequent applications
      • family consolidation

  • Cases are subject to the same powerful similarity and field-based search features as regular patent literature
  • Context handling

    • cases can be assigned to different customizable contexts (structure levels)
    • Manual classification into these contexts
    • Automated classification (based on similarity search) possible (i.e. Classifier)

Keep and administer all your valuable information

Basically infoPatent is your in-house archive for automated and always up-to-date storage of patent literature.

Additionally if so desired, also Non-Patent-Literature (NPL) like company-internal invention disclosuresor competitor product information can be included in this archive and thus be made handable just like patent literature, e.g. it can be searched or classified semantically.

Migrate existing information to infoPatent

Customer patent data, which can be sourced  in various filing structures (like Excel, Domino or other databases) can be transferred to infoPatent. 

The transfer includes user comments, key words and other information, possibly attached to the data records. During the transfer the patent records are consolidated and updated.

Transfer of search- and monitor profiles 

No matter which research tool the customer has used so far all profiles can be transfered to infoPatent. Our Search Experts support you transfering your profiles to the infoPatent syntax and always try to optimize them. So you can be sure to receive just the search and monitoring results you are looking for.

Standard HW and SW Configuration

  • infoPatent is a completely web-based solution
  • Server Hardware

    • CPU: Quad Core preferred, Intel architecture recommended

  • Server SW

    • Database MS SQL Server
    • Application Server IIS
    • OS Windows Server
    • .NET Framework

  • infoPatent Classifier (optionally)

    •  Apache Tomcat