The Challenge

Besides the security concerning monitoring and processing patent information for you as a manager in charge it is also absolute necessary to store all your patent data, non-patent literature, comments and assessments in a complete safe environment. You want to make sure that you are protected against foreign attacks and that your workflow fulfills all requirements of company compliance.  

The Solution

InfoPatent – With the in house patent information system infoPatent helps you to reduce the risk to a minimum. You are enabled to reach the highest security standards possible when it comes to processpatent information with a professional software application.

In house patent information system

In house means that the whole archive with all patent information (bibliographic data, drawings, full-text) and all your remarks during processing the patent data (comments, assessment) are completely stored on your company server. It also includes all your monitoring and search profiles as well as basically every data set you load up to the archive.

So your company IT has the full control about the database and its content. On the other hand infoPatent is a standard software application with no extraordinary hardware or software requirements. So usually there are no extra investments in IT environment needed.

Another comfortable feature is the single sign on possibility for every user in your company when infoPatent is installed in house. With single sign on the user can easily access the application without typing in his credentials.  


The fact that the whole systems runs on your own company server makes it reliable and also future proof. Due to regularly updates the system is been kept actual and secure for the future. Even if you decide to change to another application you can do that without loosing any kind of data. Also the fact that we as company exists for over 30 years now proves that infoapps is a long term reliable partner.


Our support team is looking forward to help you at any stage of implementing the application and working with it. Whether it is installing, data migration, updating or any question about using the software.

Because of security reasons, we always recommend using infoPatent as an in house system. But we are also able to offer external hosting, in which case you would have no IT effort at all.