The Challenge

You as an IP Professional or R&D Professional want to significantly increase the efficiency of your patent work. You need to have a solution that saves you time and money when it comes to monitoring, reading and processing patent information.

The Solution

InfoPatent – the patent information System infoPatent contains several features that support IP Professionals and R&D Personnel to do their patent work in the most efficient way. Intelligent monitoring, family consolidated hit lists, automated classifying capabilities and intelligent alerts lead to a significant reduction of relevant hits users have to look at. Some customers even managed to reduce the amount of relevant hits up to 90% by using the intelligent features of the application.

Time-savings thanks to family-consolidation

The search results are consolidated into INPADOC families, and are displayed in a clearly structured, individually customizable presentation. The family consolidation performs fully automatically and makes for considerable time-savings – no need any more for individually correlation single patent documents to each other.

The summary display of retrieved documents shows the key information of a patent family at a glance, including priority numbers, main drawing, IPC/CPC classification, Title and abstract, family members.

With a mouse-click, detailed information of all patent documents in a family will be shown, e.g. full-text of description and claims, citations, individual comments.

Reducing reading effort due to intelligent monitoring

The broad range of Boolean search operators, allows you to set the filter of the monitoring jobs deeply detailed. So that the number of not relevant patents will be reduced upfront before even getting into the archive.

By using self defined monitoring plans, users can exactly define, which publications will be brought to their attention (e.g.first publications, grants), and which ones will just be stored without additional alert (e.g. extensions to certain countries).

In addition, it is possible to set e.g. “new per day” or “new per week” alerts, which inform the user only about new patent families that have come into the archive in a specific time frame.So that the user will never have to look at the same patent family twice.

So that you can considerably reduce your reading effort and focus on the really relevant publications only.  

Time-saving thanks to highly automated features

Many fully automated features in the system lead to high efficiency over the whole workflow process. This contains fully automated monitoring as well as fully automated e-mail alerts about nearly any information you want to get out of the system (e.g. new familys in the archive, new families to assess or reminder about open tasks in the workflow.

Even the usually time-consuming classification work can be done fully automatically by using specific search profiles in the archive or by using the infoPatent classifier module.

The classifier module is a self-training process based on advanced state-of-the-art text mining technology. As a reference for its classification, infoPatent classifier uses the text documents (be it patent or non-patent literature) contained in a filing structure, set up by the user beforehand. By measuring semantic correlation, the unknown incoming patents are compared to the reference documents; a measure of similarity is calculated, suggesting where a document would fit best into the existing filing structure.

In addition to time and cost savings, this fully automated classification process offers the advantage of identical reproducibility and thus reliability. This helps significantly to increase the quality of the assignments in your archive.  

Choose infoPatent and increase significantly the efficiency of your patent work!

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